Andrés del Valle

Andrés del Valle

Andrés del Valle Rodríguez (30 November 1833 – 28 June 1888) was President of El Salvador from February 1 until May 1, 1876.[1]

His father Fernando del Valle was born in Santander and had made his fortune in trade and agriculture. Andrés del Valle was a member of the constitutional assembly from 1872 until 1873. In 1874 he became senator for the Santa Ana Department. In 1875, he was vice-chairman of the Senate and chairman of the parliament. On March 1, 1875 the parliament called for elections on the first Sunday of December that year.

Andres was elected for the administration between February 1, 1876 and February 1, 1880. His vice-president was the predecessor, Santiago Gonzalez Portillo. A government loan of a half a million USD was enforced on the same day.

Justo Rufino Barrios Auyón, then president of Guatemala, was skeptical, because Santiago Gonzales supported political refugees from Guatemala. He also suspected Ponciano Leiva from Honduras to be planning to overthrow him.

Barrios let Valle know, that in case he planned to continue this course, he would see to it that the Guatemalan government would support José María Medina from Honduras in overthrowing Ponciano Leiva.

Conference at Volcán Chingo

The government of El Salvador insisted on Gonzalez's goodwill and a conference at the Volcán Chingo was agreed on, at which, with mediation of Marco Aurelio Soto Martínez, an agreement was signed.

Barrios was convinced, Gonzalez remained the actual head of state in El Salvador and insinuated him holding public speeches, as well as committing hypocrisy and treason.