Andalusian Social Liberal Party

Andalusian Social Liberal Party

Partido Social Liberal Andaluz
ChairmanManuel Clavero Arévalo
Secretary-GeneralAntonio José Delgado
Founded1976 (1976)
Dissolved1978 (1978)
IdeologyAndalusian regionalism
Social liberalism

The Andalusian Social Liberal Party (Spanish: Partido Social Liberal Andaluz, abbreviated PSLA) was a political party in Andalusia. The party was led by Manuel Clavero Arévalo, Minister for Relations with the regions.[1][2] The party advocated regional autonomies, but not a federal state.[3]


The party was launched at a meeting in Seville December 12, 1976.[2] The founding congress of PSLA was held in Seville January 21-22, 1977, which elected a regional committee. Clavero Arévalo was elected chairman of the party and Antonio José Delgado general secretary. The party congress declared that the party sought alliances with other centrist forces.[3]

In July 1977 the historian Manuel Ruiz Lagos, founder and regional committee member of PSLA, resigned from the party.[1]