Ananindeua, Pará

The City of Ananindeua
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Flag of Ananindeua
Official seal of Ananindeua
Location in the State of Pará
Location in the State of Pará
Ananindeua is located in Brazil
Localization in Brazil
Coordinates: 01°21′57″S 48°22′19″W / 01°21′57″S 48°22′19″W / -1.36583; -48.37194

Ananindeua (Portuguese pronunciation: [ananĩˈdewɐ]) is a city in Pará, northern Brazil. It is a part of the Metropolitan Region of Belém, and is the second most populated city in the State of Pará,[1] and the third largest in the Amazon Region.[2] It has a population of 505,512 according to the last Census, done by the Brazilian Statistic and Geography Institute (IBGE).

The municipality contains 1% of the Utinga State Park, created in 1993 to protect the metropolitan area's water supply.[3]


Amazon Valley Academy is located in this city.

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