American Family (2002 TV series)

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American Family, sometimes called American Family: Journey of Dreams is a PBS series created by Gregory Nava that follows the lives of a Latino family in Los Angeles. This was the first broadcast television drama series featuring a predominantly Latino cast. It also was the first original primetime American episodic drama to air on PBS in decades—since the series I'll Fly Away moved to the network.


Nava initially created the series for CBS, which passed on the pilot. PBS picked up 12 remaining episodes for its first season.[1] The second season aired in mid-2004 with a slight name change. When it had initially aired in January 2002, it was simply known as American Family. Nava envisioned the second season as an epic story in 13 parts that featured current events as well as how the family was involved in the Mexican Revolution.

Edward James Olmos plays Jess Gonzalez, a Korean War veteran and barber with a cranky disposition as well as five adult children. He and his wife Berta (Sonia Braga) seek a better life for their children. Conrado is a medical school student, who, at the end of the first season, enlists in the Army.

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