Alonso de Figueroa y Córdoba

Alonso de Figueroa y Cordova (1589? Spain – 1652); Spanish soldier who, in the days of the reign of Philip IV of Spain, temporarily carried out the position of Captain General and Royal Governor of Chile, besides president of its Real Audiencia of Chile. His government lasted for 13 months, between April 1649 and May 1650. He was the grandfather of the Chilean historian Pedro de Cordoba y Figueroa.

Earlier life

Born in Cordoba; became a soldier in Lisbon. He arrived in Chile at the age of 16 years, in 1605, enlisted in the company of captain Bartolome Paez Clavijo, in the thousand man reinforcement for the Captaincy General of Chile brought from the Iberian Peninsula by general Antonio de Mosquera to support the Arauco War. In the following years he rose through the ranks of the army of the Mapuche frontier. He was an alferez and captain of infantry and cavalry; becoming general commissioner of cavalry, finally reaching the rank of Maestro de Campo in 1625.[1] He was also Corregidor of Concepcion during the government of Laso de la Vega.[2] The governor Martín de Mujica y Buitrón showed his confidence in him, naming him shortly before dying of apparent poisoning to the key position of Governor of Valdivia.