Alois Senefelder

Alois Senefelder
Lithograph of Senefelder, from Specimens of Polyautography.
Born6 November 1771
Died26 February 1834 (aged 62)
Parent(s)Peter Senefelder (father)
Engineering career

Johann Alois Senefelder (6 November 1771 – 26 February 1834) was a German actor and playwright who invented the printing technique of lithography in the 1790s.[1]

Actor, playwright

Born Aloys Johann Nepomuk Franz Senefelder in Prague, then Imperial city (Reichsstadt) of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, where his actor father was appearing on stage. He was educated in Munich and won a scholarship to study law at Ingolstadt. The death of his father in 1791 forced him to leave his studies to support his mother and eight siblings, and he became an actor and wrote a successful play Connoisseur of Girls.

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