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All Tomorrow's Parties
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All Tomorrow's Parties was an organisation based in London that promoted music festivals, concerts and records throughout the world for over ten years. It was founded by Barry Hogan, in 2001 in preparation for the first All Tomorrow's Parties Festival, the line-up of which was curated by Mogwai and took place at Pontins, Camber Sands, England. Named after the song "All Tomorrow's Parties" by The Velvet Underground, the festival exhibited a tendency towards post-rock, avant-garde, and underground hip hop, along with more traditional rock fare presented in an environment more intimate than a giant stadium or huge country field. It was at first a sponsorship-free festival where the organisers and artists stay in the same accommodation as the fans.[1] It claimed to set itself apart from festivals like Reading or Glastonbury by staying intimate, non-corporate and fan-friendly.[2] Another vital difference is that the line-ups were chosen by significant bands or artists, resulting in unorthodox events which often combined acts of all sizes, eras, and genres.