Albert Curtz

Amussis Ferdinandea, 1662

Albert Curtz (Curtius in Latin; 1600, Munich – December 19, 1671,[1] Munich), was a German astronomer and member of the Society of Jesus. He expanded on the works of Tycho Brahe and used the pseudonym of Lucius Barrettus.[1]


The Latin version of the name Albert Curtz, Albertus Curtius is an anagram of his pseudonym, Lucius Barretus.[2]

Together with Johann Deckers, Kepler, Francesco Maria Grimaldi, and Jean-Baptiste Riccioli, he contributed to our early understanding of the Moon.[citation needed]

He published Historia coelestis [ex libris commentariis manuscriptis observationum vicennalium viri generosi Tichonis Brahe] and Augustae Vindelicorum, Simonem Utzschneiderum in 1666.[citation needed]

The crater Curtius on the Moon was named after him.[3]

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