Alain Delon

Alain Delon
Alain Delon.jpg
Delon in 2011
Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon

(1935-11-08) 8 November 1935 (age 83)
ResidenceChêne-Bougeries, Switzerland
Swiss (since 1999)
Years active1957–2012
Spouse(s)Nathalie Delon (1964–68)
Partner(s)Romy Schneider (1958–63)
Mireille Darc (1968–82)
Rosalie van Breemen (1987–2002)
Children4, including Anthony and

Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon (French: [alɛ̃ dəlɔ̃]; born 8 November 1935) is a French actor and businessman. He is known as one of Europe's most prominent actors and screen sex symbols from the 1960s. He achieved critical acclaim for roles in films such as Rocco and His Brothers (1960), Plein Soleil (1960), L'Eclisse (1962), The Leopard (1963), The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1965), Lost Command (1966) and Le Samouraï (1967). Over the course of his career Delon worked with many well known directors, including Luchino Visconti, Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pierre Melville, Michelangelo Antonioni and Louis Malle.

Delon acquired Swiss citizenship on 23 September 1999, and the company managing products sold under his name is based in Geneva. He resides in Chêne-Bougeries in the canton of Geneva.

Early life

Alain Delon was born in Sceaux, Seine (now Hauts-de-Seine), Île-de-France, a suburb of Paris. His parents, Édith (née Arnold; 1911—1995) and Fabien Delon (1904—1977), divorced when Delon was four.[1] Both remarried and as a result, Delon has a half-sister and two half-brothers. His paternal grandmother was Corsican, from Prunelli-di-Fiumorbo.[2] When his parents divorced, Delon was sent to live with foster parents. When they died, his parents shared him but the arrangement proved unsatisfactory. He attended a Roman Catholic[3] boarding school, the first of several schools from which he was expelled because of unruly behavior. Teachers once tried to persuade him to enter the priesthood because of his aptitude in religious studies.[citation needed] At 14, Delon left school, and worked for a brief time at his stepfather's butcher shop. He enlisted in the French Navy three years later, aged 17, and in 1953-54 he served as a fusilier marin in the First Indochina War. Delon has said that out of his four years of military service he spent 11 months in a military jail for being "undisciplined".[citation needed]

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