Al-Muhajiroun (Arabic: المهاجرون‎, The Emigrants) is a banned terrorist Salafi jihadist[1][2] organisation that is based in the United Kingdom and which has been linked to international terrorism, homophobia, and antisemitism.[3] The group in its original incarnation operated in the United Kingdom from 14 January 1986 until the British Government announced an intended ban in August 2005.[4] The group became notorious for its September 2002 conference, "The Magnificent 19", praising the September 11, 2001 attacks.[5] The group mutates periodically so as to evade the law; it then operates under different aliases. It was proscribed under the UK Terrorism Act 2000 on 14 January 2010 together with four other organisations including Islam4UK,[6][7][8] and again in 2014 as "Need4Khilafah".

Al-Muhajiroun has also run a Lahore safe house for visiting British Muslims.[9]


Al-Muhajiroun's proclaimed aims are to establish public awareness about Islam, to influence public opinion in favour of the sharia, to convince members of society that Islam is inherently political and a viable ideological alternative, to unite Muslims on a global scale in the threats facing the Ummah and to resume the Islamic way of life by re-establishing the Islamic Caliphate.[10] Members have carried out numerous murders and terrorist attacks.

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