Ajmer Sharif Dargah
Ajmer is located in India
Ajmer is located in Rajasthan
Coordinates: 26°27′00″N 74°38′24″E / 26°27′00″N 74°38′24″E / 26.4499; 74.6399
Founded byAjayaraja I or Ajayaraja II
Named forAjayaraja I or Ajayaraja II
 • BodyAjmer Development Authority (ADA), Ajmer Municipal corporation (AMC)
Elevation1574.8480 m (1,570 ft)
Population (2011)[2]
 • Metropolis542,321
 • Urban5,51,101
 • OfficialHindi
 • RegionalMarwari, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
PIN305001 to 305023
Telephone code0145, +91145
Vehicle registration

RJ-01(Ajmer)RJ-36 (Beawar)RJ-42 (Kishangarh)

RJ-48 (Kekri)
Nearest cityJaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur

Ajmer (अजमेर; pronounced [ədʒmeːr] (About this sound listen)) is one of the major and oldest cities in the Indian state of Rajasthan and the centre of the eponymous Ajmer District. It is located at the centre of Rajasthan and is an important tourist spot. According to the 2011 census, Ajmer had a population of 542,321 in the city, 551,101 including its suburbs.[2]

The city was established as "Ajayameru"(Translated as 'Invincible Hills') by a Shakambhari Chahamana (Chauhan) ruler, either Ajayaraja I or Ajayaraja II, and served as the Chahamana capital until the 12th century CE.[3][4]

Ajmer is surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains. It is the base for visiting Pushkar (11 km), an ancient Hindu pilgrimage city, famous for the temple of Lord Brahma. Ajmer had been a municipality since 1869.[5] The nearby town of Kishangarh stands as one of the largest markets for marble and marble products.[6]

One of the early meetings between the Mughal King Jahangir and the Ambassador of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, Sir Thomas Roe, took place here in 1616.

Ajmer has been selected as one of the heritage cities for the HRIDAY - Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana [7] and Smart City Mission schemes of Government of India.[8][9]


Jahangir receives Prince Khurram at Ajmer on his return from the Mewar campaign

Ajmer was originally known as Ajayameru.[10] The 12th century text Prithviraja Vijaya states that the Shakambhari Chahamana (Chauhan) king Ajayaraja II (ruled c. 1110 – 1135 CE) established the city of Ajayameru.[4] Historian Dasharatha Sharma notes that the earliest mention of the city's name occurs in Palha's Pattavali, which was copied in 1113 CE (1170 VS) at Dhara. This suggests that Ajmer was founded sometime before 1113 CE.[11] A prashasti (eulogistic inscription), issued by Vigraharaja IV and found at Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra, states Ajayadeva (that is, Ajayaraja II) moved his residence to Ajmer.[3]

The later text Prabandha-Kosha states that it was the 8th century king Ajayaraja I who commissioned the Ajayameru fort, which later came to be known as the Taragarh fort of Ajmer.[4] According to historian R. B. Singh, this claim appears to be true, as inscriptions dated to the 8th century CE have been found at Ajmer.[12] Singh theorizes that Ajayaraja II later expanded the town area, constructed palaces, and moved the Chahamana capital from Shakambhari to Ajmer.[13]Mughal prince Dara Shikoh was born here in 1615. Jahanara Begum powerful mughal princess also born here.

During Colonial times Ajmer city served as the headquarters of Ajmer - Merwara Province and possessed a Central jail, a large General Hospital, and two smaller hospitals according to Gazetteer, 1908 .It was the head-quarters of a native regiment and of a Railway Volunteer corps.From 1900s ,The United Free Church of Scotland, the church of England, the Roman Catholics, and the American Episcopal Methodists have mission establishments here.[14] At that time there were twelve printing presses in the city, from which eight weekly newspapers were published.[15]

At the time of Independence Ajmer Continued as a separate state with its own legislature until its merger with erstwhile Rajputana province then called Rajasthan.The Legislature of Ajmer State was housed in the building which now houses T.T. College .It had 30 MLAs. and Haribhau Upadhaya was the first Chief Minister of the erstwhile state and Bhagirath Chaudhary as the first Vidhan Sabha Speaker.In 1956, After acceptance of the proposal by Fazil Ali , Ajmer was merged into Rajasthan to form Ajmer District with addition of Kishangarh sub-division of Jaipur district.[16]

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