Aero Boero

Aero Boero

Aero Boero S.A. is an Argentine aircraft manufacturer, established in 1956 by Héctor Boero in Morteros in Córdoba Province. It manufactured a range of light civil utility and agricultural aircraft.


The company began as a repair and maintenance facility for light aircraft. Since the major civil aeronautical activity in the area in the 1950s was crop-dusting, most of the company's activities centered on agricultural aircraft. By 1958 the company principals felt they could build aircraft which could be used in such applications, and a trio of designers, brothers Cesar and Héctor Boero and Celestine Barale, began work on the -95. They continued upgrading and adding models until the middle of 2000, when a combination of political instability and economic downturn caused the company to cease aircraft production. Since that time the company has continued providing repair services and supplying spare parts for aircraft in the field.[1]

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