Action Stories

Action Stories
EditorUnknown pre-october 1935

J. F. Byrne (October 1935-June 1936)
Malcolm Reiss (August 1936-Spring 1949)

Unknown post-spring 1949
CategoriesPulp magazine
FrequencyMonthly (September 1921–December 1932)

Irregular (November 1933–March 1934)
Bi-monthly (June 1934–June 1936)
Monthly (August 1936–January 1937)
Bi-monthly (February 1937–April 1943)

Quarterly (Summer 1943-Fall 1950)
First issueSeptember 1921
Final issueFall 1950
CompanyFiction House

Action Stories was a multi-genre pulp magazine published between September 1921 and Fall 1950, with a brief hiatus at the end of 1932.

As an adventure pulp,[1] it did not feature the horror and science fiction of some other pulp magazines. Instead, it focused on real-world adventure stories—at first mostly westerns, but branching out into sports fiction, war stories and adventures in exotic countries by 1937.[2]

Writers whose work appeared in Action Stories included Robert E. Howard,[3] Walt Coburn,[4] Morgan Robertson (a number of his stories were posthumously published here), Horace McCoy, Theodore Roscoe, Greye La Spina, Anthony M. Rud, Thomas Thursday and Les Savage, Jr..


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