Abkhazian Orthodox Church

Abkhazian Orthodox Church
Абхазская Православная церковь
Abkhazian church standard cropped.jpg
Abkhazian church standard
TypeEastern Orthodox
ClassificationIndependent Eastern Orthodox
PrimateVissarion Aplaa
Monasteries2 [1]
LanguageAbkhaz, Russian
Independence15 September 2009
Separated fromaiasha.ru

The Abkhazian Orthodox Church (Russian: Абхазская Православная церковь) is an Eastern Orthodox church outside the official Eastern Orthodox ecclesiastical hierarchy. It came into existence when the Sukhumi-Abkhazian Eparchy declared on 15 September 2009 that it no longer considered itself part of the Georgian Orthodox Church and that it was "re-establishing the Catholicate of Abkhazia disbanded in 1795".[2]

Internal hierarchy

The Abkhazian Orthodox church is organised into two eparchies, one in Pitsunda and one in Sukhumi. The Pitsunda Cathedral is the church's chief cathedral. The church is currently led by priest Vissarion Aplaa.[3] It has nine parishes and one monastery, at Kaman.[4]