ARP Omni

ARP Omni Mk1.jpg
ARP Omni 1
ManufacturerARP Instruments, Inc.
DatesOmni 1: 1975 - 1977
Omni 2: 1978 - 1981
Technical specifications
Synthesis typeAnalog Subtractive
Filter24dB/oct Low Pass
AttenuatorStrings: AR
Polysynth & Bass: ADSR
Storage memoryNone (Preset voicings)
Effects3-Voice Chorus Phaser
Keyboard49-key non-weighted organ type
External controlGate & Trigger Out VCF CV, ADSR Release
ARP Omni 2

The ARP Omni was a polyphonic analog synthesizer manufactured by ARP Instruments, Inc.


The Omni featured preset, electronically generated Orchestral ensemble String voices including polyphonic Violin and Viola sounds as well as monophonic Bass and Cello. The instrument also included a monophonic Bass Synthesizer section and a polyphonic Synthesizer section. The Synthesizer section featured a 24 dB/oct Voltage-Controlled Low Pass Filter (LPF); an ADSR envelope generator and a single waveform (triangle) Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) were both routed to control the VCF Cutoff frequency. A Waveform Enhancement switch allowed selection of a square wave voice waveform vs. the default quasi-sawtooth waveform. The ARP Omni had a unique logo that was painted on to the back face of the unit.

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