A.I. Love You

A.I. Love You
Ai ga tomaranai cover1.jpg
A.I, Love You Volume 1 Cover
(AI Won't Stop!)
Written byKen Akamatsu
Published byKodansha
English publisher
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Magazine
Original run19941997[citation needed]
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A.I. Love You (A・I が止まらない!, A.I. ga Tomaranai!) is a Japanese manga series by author Ken Akamatsu. The story follows Hitoshi Kōbe, a high school guy who isn't good at anything but programming. He creates a program in particular named Program 30 which is that of a female, and is shocked when she comes to life in the real world due to a lightning storm. Hitoshi names her Saati and teaches her about the real world, while she teaches him on how to properly have a girlfriend. Things get more complex however when two more of Hitoshi's programs come to life, and a hacker goes after Saati's program. A.I. Love You was first serialized through Weekly Shōnen Magazine in 1994, but later moved to Magazine Special where it ended in 1997. The series was collected into nine manga volumes that also were released by Kodansha between 1994, and 1997. Two re-releases followed, each time though a volume was deducted.

In 2003, Tokyopop acquired the license to release the series in North America. The story's title was changed but Tokyopop tried to keep a pun that had been used in the original Japanese title. Eight English language manga volumes were released between February 3, 2004, and April 12, 2005. The volumes were printed until 2009 when Tokyopop announced that the series would go out of print. Reception of the English adaptation was well received, although reviewers pointed out that Akamatsu's artwork was not at the professional level yet, they praised the story and characters.


The story centres on Hitoshi Kōbe, a guy who is neither academically gifted nor good at sports, so he does not do very well at school.

Hitoshi has only one thing going for him - his ability to program computers. In fact, he is so good at this he has created programs that can rewrite themselves - Artificial Intelligence, in other words. So far he has created thirty of these programs, and the latest - whom he names Saati ( The Japanese pronunciation of the English word "Thirty" )- is so advanced that conversation with her is indistinguishable from a normal girl.

However, there is still the barrier of Hitoshi being in the physical world and Saati being a program, until one day a freak lightning strike materializes her into the real world, where she becomes the girlfriend of Hitoshi. The series then follows their now not so ordinary lives, as well as other A.I.s of Hitoshi's creation.

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