3 Molinos Resort

3 Molinos Resort ( UCI team code: MOL) was a short-lived professional continental cycling team based in Spain and participates in UCI Europe Tour and when selected as a wildcard to UCI ProTour events. 3 Molinos were founded in 2006 as a professional continental team, but this proved to be their last since funding was withdrawn due to doping scandals. The team was managed by José Francisco Perez, with José Luis Fernandez assisting.

  • 2006 squad

2006 squad

Name Birthdate Nationality
Mikel Artetxe 24.09.1976   Spain
José Antonio Banos 18.03.1986   Spain
Mario José Box Quinto 28.08.1978   Spain
Romero Jesus Buendia 28.12.1982   Spain
José Javier Cano 06.09.1985   Spain
Rafael Casero 09.10.1976   Spain
Pedro Luis Castillo 15.02.1982   Spain
Isidro Cerrato 06.03.1981   Spain
Jesus Del Nero 16.03.1982   Spain
Sergio Dominguez 02.08.1979   Spain
Jorge Ferrio 24.08.1976   Spain
Julio García Bravo 03.05.1978   Spain
Santos Gonzalez 17.12.1973   Spain
Alberto Benito Guerrero 03.03.1975   Spain
Jan Hruška 04.02.1975   Czech Republic
Ruben Lorca 20.04.1984   Spain
Pedro Martínez 13.02.1981   Spain
Francisco Tomas Pellicer 19.07.1981   Spain
Jordi Riera 09.04.1978   Spain
Alexis Rodriguez 27.04.1977   Spain
Antonio Tauler 11.04.1974   Spain
Eloy Teruel 20.11.1982   Spain

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