2017 South Asian floods

2017 South Asian floods
DateJuly–September 2017
LocationBangladesh Bangladesh
India India
Nepal Nepal
Pakistan Pakistan
DeathsAround 1,300

Widespread monsoon flooding occurred in the South Asian countries of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan from July through September 2017. By August 30, more than 41 million people were known to be affected by the floods,[1] a figure that increased by 10% over the following three days, topping 45 million by September 2. According to UNICEF, that figure includes 16 million children.[2][3]

About 2,000 people, on average, have died due to deadly flooding in South Asia each year during the previous two decades, according to The New York Times' reading of the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (EM-DAT) disaster database.[4]

Background and context

Monsoons hit South Asia every year between June and September, but the 2017 monsoon season has been far worse than average,[5] bringing flooding, and associated landslides, of a scale unseen in recent years. Experts have called these the worst South Asian floods in decades, with long-term food supplies in question due to ruined farmland.[6] As of 2 September, 1,288 people have been confirmed killed, and more than 45 million affected.[2] The estimated number of people affected increased from 24 million to 41 million during the last week of August 2017.[7][8][9]

The International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCD) and others have asserted that these floods have been exacerbated by climate change.[10][11]

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