2014 Algerian Air Force C-130 crash

2014 Algeria C-130 crash
Lockheed C-130H-30 Algerian AF 7T-WHB - MSN 5224 (5895161952).jpg
An Algerian Air Force C-130 similar to the aircraft involved in the crash
Date11 February 2014 (2014-02-11)
SummaryUnder investigation
SiteNear Aïn Kercha, Oum El Bouaghi Province, Algeria
36°00′42″N 6°41′10″E / 36°00′42″N 6°41′10″E / 36.0118; 6.6862
Aircraft typeLockheed C-130H-30 Hercules
OperatorAlgerian Air Force
Flight originTamanrasset, Algeria
StopoverOuargla, Algeria
DestinationConstantine, Algeria

On 11 February 2014, a C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft of the Algerian Air Force, carrying 74 passengers and 4 crew members, crashed into Djebel Fertas mountain near Aïn Kercha, Algeria. Only one person survived.[1][2][3][4]

Preliminary reports suggest that bad weather conditions might have caused the crash.[5][6] Eyewitness accounts describe the aircraft clipping a mountain before crashing.[6] The accident is under investigation.

Weather conditions

Algerian defence ministry said the crash was likely caused by bad weather,[7] including a storm and cascading snow, which Algerian aviation experts said most likely had led to poor visibility.[3]

According to AccuWeather, at the time of the crash "an area of low pressure moving through the region was producing widespread showers mixed with snow in the higher terrain of the area"; meteorologist Eric Leister added that, "along with the rain and snow, wind gusts more than 30 mph (48 km/h) were reported in several locations in the region".[8]

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