1967 French Championships – Men's Singles

Men's Singles
1967 French Championships
ChampionAustralia Roy Emerson
Runner-upAustralia Tony Roche
Final score6–1, 6–4, 2–6, 6–2
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In the last French Championships edition before Open Era that started in 1968, first-seeded Roy Emerson defeated Tony Roche 6–1, 6–4, 2–6, 6–2 in the final to win the Men's Singles tennis title at the 1967 French Championships.


The seeded players are listed below. Roy Emerson is the champion; others show the round in which they were eliminated.

  1. Australia Roy Emerson (Champion)
  2. Australia Tony Roche (Final)
  3. Australia John Newcombe (Fourth round)
  4. Italy Nicola Pietrangeli (Third round)
  5. Hungary István Gulyás (Semifinals)
  6. Australia Martin Mulligan (Fourth round)
  7. Soviet Union Alexander Metreveli (Third round)
  8. France Pierre Darmon (Quarterfinals)
  9. South Africa Bob Hewitt (Fourth round)
  10. South Africa Cliff Drysdale (Quarterfinals)
  11. Netherlands Tom Okker (Quarterfinals)
  12. Australia Bill Bowrey (Second round)
  13. Australia Owen Davidson (Quarterfinals)
  14. Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Nikola Pilić (Semifinals)
  15. Czechoslovakia Jan Kodeš (Fourth round)
  16. India Jaidip Mukerjea (First round)



  • Q = Qualifier
  • WC = Wild Card
  • LL = Lucky Loser
  • r. = retired


1Australia Roy Emerson666
8France Pierre Darmon044
1Australia Roy Emerson666
5Hungary István Gulyás342
13Australia Owen Davidson7330
5Hungary István Gulyás5666
1Australia Roy Emerson6626
2Australia Tony Roche1462
11Netherlands Tom Okker392
14Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Nikola Pilić6116
14Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Nikola Pilić63464
2Australia Tony Roche36626
10South Africa Cliff Drysdale66324
2Australia Tony Roche22666

Earlier rounds

Section 1

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
1Australia Emerson7266
Colombia Molina5641
1Australia Emerson6666
Brazil GentilSocialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Jovanović8431
Poland LicisBrazil Gentil122
France Beraud6151Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Jovanović666
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Jovanović26761Australia Emerson666
16India Mukerjea641Soviet Union Egorov322
South Africa McMillan866South Africa McMillan78656
Spain Gisbert6466Spain Gisbert96374
France Courcol4624South Africa McMillan727
Italy Merlo3626Soviet Union Egorov969
Soviet Union Egorov6268Soviet Union Egorov66546
Canada PuddicombeCanada Puddicombe44764
West Germany Weinmann

Section 2

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
8France Darmon666
India Venkatesan2018France Darmon666
United States Tym5644Japan Mori303
Japan Mori74668France Darmon668
West Germany GottschalkAustralia Ruffels326
Australia RuffelsAustralia Ruffels06627
Italy Majoli677Italy Majoli62465
South Africa Moore2558France Darmon666
9South Africa Hewitt6669South Africa Hewitt230
Ecuador Zuleta1039South Africa Hewitt666
France Chanfreau9606France Chanfreau211
Poland Nowicki74649South Africa Hewitt66466
Greece Kalogeropoulos666Greece Kalogeropoulos82612
Italy Bartoni222Greece Kalogeropoulos5666
Hungary Baranyi156Australia Stone7142
Australia Stone678

Section 3

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
4Italy Pietrangeli
Australia Candy4Italy Pietrangeli6756
France JauffretBelgium Drossart3572
Belgium Drossart4Italy Pietrangeli353
Japan Konishi6610Poland Gasiorek676
Australia Carmichael448Japan Konishi452
Canada Carpenter8333Poland Gasiorek676
Poland Gasiorek6666Poland Gasiorek76642
13Australia Davidson13Australia Davidson50866
Sweden Folke13Australia Davidson1666
Italy Di Maso621326Italy Di Maso6212
France Leclercq21966313Australia Davidson81746
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia FranulovicChile Cornejo66563
Spain CouderSpain Couder423
United Kingdom Curtis2694Chile Cornejo666
Chile Cornejo64116

Section 4

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
5Hungary Gulyás666
Australia Cooper1045Hungary Gulyás666
Chile Rodríguez666Chile Rodríguez304
Italy Mennella3445Hungary Gulyás666
France Goven4864West Germany Elschenbroich132
West Germany Elschenbroich61046West Germany Elschenbroich666
United Kingdom Hutchins441Japan Yanagi341
Japan Yanagi6665Hungary Gulyás4666
12Australia Bowrey766Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Špear6233
Japan Watanabe50412Australia Bowrey2624
Italy Crotta66604Soviet Union Ivanov6366
Soviet Union Ivanov41866Soviet Union Ivanov6314
Sweden BengtsonSocialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Špear4666
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ŠpearSocialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Špear666
France Rouyer666France Rouyer342
United Kingdom Battrick244

Section 5

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
United Kingdom Stilwell3676
Australia Cottrill6153United Kingdom Stilwell66444
Sweden AnderssonSoviet Union Likhachev24666
Soviet Union LikhachevSoviet Union Likhachev321
Australia Stubs1662611Netherlands Okker666
France Paul62363Australia Stubs121
Chile Aguirre23411Netherlands Okker666
11Netherlands Okker66611Netherlands Okker676
Australia Keldie3216Australia Mulligan452
France Jauffret666France Jauffret6166
Australia Crealy6412Czechoslovakia Koudelka0613
Czechoslovakia Koudelka3666France Jauffret4364
United Kingdom Matthews27666Australia Mulligan6646
Romania Marmureanu6544United Kingdom Matthews254
France Loliee1126Australia Mulligan676
6Australia Mulligan666

Section 6

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
India Krishnan668
Australia Brown246India Krishnan866
Poland Lewandowski4364Czechoslovakia Kukal623
Czechoslovakia Kukal6646India Krishnan361
Hungary Szőke14Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Pilić686
France BarclayHungary Szőke123
Italy Bologna22314Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Pilić666
14Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Pilić66614Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Pilić666
West Germany Plötz3Australia Newcombe432
Belgium De GronckelBelgium De Gronckel232
Italy TacchiniRomania Ţiriac666
Romania ŢiriacRomania Ţiriac36263
Japan Kobayashi466313Australia Newcombe63646
France Montrenaud64166France Montrenaud534
Italy Palmieri62043Australia Newcombe766
3Australia Newcombe2666

Section 7

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
United Kingdom Clifton12696
Belgium Hombergen14471United Kingdom Clifton024
France Beust76282Australia Fletcher666
Australia Fletcher536106Australia Fletcher5605
United Kingdom Barrett2476510South Africa Drysdale7167
Hungary Komáromi66547Hungary Komáromi7664
Italy Gilardelli25410South Africa Drysdale9846
10South Africa Drysdale67610South Africa Drysdale666
India Lall7233Czechoslovakia Holeček433
Czechoslovakia Holeček5666Czechoslovakia Holeček76649
Brazil Barnes786Brazil Barnes54867
Japan Watanabe563Czechoslovakia Holeček666
Colombia Alvarez62347Soviet Union Metreveli243
Hungary Szikszay3666Hungary Szikszay1612
Sweden Olander5257Soviet Union Metreveli6466
7Soviet Union Metreveli767

Section 8

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth Round
Ecuador Guzmán
France ContetFrance Contet66413
Romania Năstase7076Romania Năstase42666
Australia Howe5654Romania Năstase453
West Germany Buding66715Czechoslovakia Kodeš676
Chile Pinto Bravo425West Germany Buding733
South Africa Maud12115Czechoslovakia Kodeš966
15Czechoslovakia Kodeš66615Czechoslovakia Kodeš421064
South Africa Summers5102Australia Roche66826
Denmark Ulrich766Denmark Ulrich1866
Monaco Landau323Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Mincek6602
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Mincek666Denmark Ulrich324
2Australia Roche666
Japan Koura323
2Australia Roche666

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