1964 in spaceflight

1964 in spaceflight
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The launch of Gemini 1, the first flight of the Titan II GLV rocket and the Gemini programme
Orbital launches
First11 January
Last21 December
Partial failures3
National firsts
Satellite Italy
Maiden flightsAtlas SLV-3 Agena-D
Atlas LV-3C Centaur-C
Delta D
Kosmos-1 63S3
Molniya-M 8K78M
Titan II GLV
Titan IIIA
Vostok-2M 8A92M
RetirementsDelta B
Scout X-3
Polyot 11A59
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  • Deep Space Rendezvous

    Date (UTC) Spacecraft Event Remarks
    2 February Ranger 6 Lunar impact Impacted Mare Tranquillitatis at 09:24:32, failed to return images
    14 July Zond 1 Flyby of Venus Closest approach: 100,000 kilometres (62,000 mi), communications system failed before flyby
    31 July Ranger 7 Lunar impact Impacted Mare Nubium at 13:25:48, returned 4,308 images