1964 Australian Senate election

Elections were held on 5 December 1964 to elect members to half of the 60 seats in the Australian Senate. There was no accompanying election to the House of Representatives, as Robert Menzies had called an early House-only election the previous year. As with the previous Senate election, the Coalition held exactly half of the seats in the chamber; the Democratic Labor Party and independent senator Reg Turnbull held the balance of power.

Senate (STV) — 1964–67—Turnout 94.49% (CV) — Informal 6.98%
PartyVotes%SwingSeats WonSeats HeldChange
 Liberal–Country coalition (total)2,362,08145.70+3.621430±0
 Liberal–Country joint ticket1,261,59224.41–8.755**
 Liberal (separate ticket)1,038,13020.08+11.80823–1
 Country (separate ticket)62,3591.21+0.5617+1
 Democratic Labor433,5118.39–1.4322+1
 Independent / Ungrouped26,8730.52–1.25010
 Total5,169,050  3060
  • In New South Wales and Queensland, the coalition parties ran a joint ticket. Of the five senators elected on a joint ticket, three were members of the Liberal Party and two were members of the Country Party. In Western Australia, the coalition parties ran on separate tickets. In South Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria, only the Liberal Party ran a ticket.
  • The sole independent was Reg Turnbull of Tasmania; he did not face re-election in 1964.