Æthelred of Wessex

Æthelred - MS Royal 14 B VI.jpg
Æthelred as depicted in the early-fourteenth-century Genealogical Roll of the Kings of England
King of Wessex
Bornc. 847
Wessex, England
Died23 April 871
FatherÆthelwulf, King of Wessex
Charter S 338 of King Æthelred dated 867

Æthelred I (Old English: Æþelræd, sometimes rendered as Ethelred, "noble counsel"; c. 847[a] – 871) was King of Wessex from 865 to 871. He was the fourth son of King Æthelwulf of Wessex. He succeeded his brother, Æthelberht (Ethelbert), as King of Wessex and Kent in 865.[3][4]

Early life

Coin of King Æthelred

In 853 his younger brother Alfred went to Rome, and according to contemporary references in the Liber Vitae of San Salvatore, Brescia, Æthelred accompanied him.[5] He first witnessed his father's charters as an Ætheling in 854, and kept this title until he succeeded to the throne in 865. He may have acted as an underking as early as 862, and in 862 and 863 he issued charters as King of the West Saxons. This must have been as deputy or in the absence of his elder brother, King Æthelberht, as there is no record of conflict between them and he continued to witness his brother's charters as a king's son in 864.[1][6]

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