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All time zones defined by difference with UTC
MinBehind (−)0Ahead (+)
Areas in a darker shade use daylight saving time. The base color shows the standard time.
  UTC−05:00 ~ 75 degrees W – all year
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Central75 degrees W
Western border (nautical)82.5 degrees W
Eastern border (nautical)67.5 degrees W
Date-time group (DTG)R
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UTC−05: Blue (January), Orange (July), Yellow (bug-os nga tuig), Light Blue - Sea areas
Time in Nunavut
  Standard DST
UTC-05:00 UTC-04:00 Eastern Time
UTC-05:00 (year round) Eastern Time
UTC-06:00 UTC-05:00 Central Time
UTC-06:00 (year round) Central Time
UTC-07:00 UTC-06:00 Mountain Time
Time in Indiana: Counties grouped by tz database zones. Lake Michigan shown in blue at top left.
Standard DST US time zone
Red and pink UTC−05:00 UTC−04:00 Eastern Time
UTC−05:00 Zona Sureste Eastern Time UTC−05:00 Zona Centro Central Time UTC−07:00 UTC−06:00 Zona Pacífico Mountain Time UTC−07:00 Zona Pacífico Mountain Time UTC−08:00 UTC−07:00 Zona Noroeste Pacific Time

UTC−05:00 mao ang usa ka panahon offset nga midugang −05. Kini nga panahon nga gigamit sa:

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