The Aeroplane Flies High

The Aeroplane Flies High
Box Set de The Smashing Pumpkins
Género(s)Rock alternativo
DiscográficaVirgin Records
Productor(es)Billy Corgan, James Iha, D'Arcy Wretzky, Alan Moulder y Flood
Calificaciones profesionales
Cronología de The Smashing Pumpkins
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
The Aeroplane Flies High
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Es una recopilación de los sencillos en CD del disco Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness de la banda estadounidense The Smashing Pumpkins, en total son cinco los sencillos en CD los cuales son Bullet with Butterfly Wings, 1979, Zero, Tonight, Tonight y Thirty-three

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Bullet with Butterfly Wings

  1. Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  2. ...Said Sadly
  3. You're All I've Got Tonight
  4. Clones (We're All)
  5. A Night Like This
  6. Destination Unknown
  7. Dreaming



  1. 1979
  2. Ugly
  3. The Boy
  4. Cherry
  5. Belive
  6. Set the Ray to Jerry


  • The Boy es interpretada por James Iha.
  • Belive es interpretada por James Iha.
  • Belive aparece también en el Judas 0.
  • Set the Ray to Jerry aparece también en el Judas 0.


  1. Zero
  2. God
  3. Mouths of Babes
  4. Tribute to Johnny
  5. Marquis in Spades
  6. Pennies
  7. Pastichio Medley
  • Medley es una palabra inglesa que traducida al castellano sería colección de diferentes cosas, que forman algo unitario; la canción Pastichio Medley dura 23 minutos y tiene partes de 70 distintas canciones, las cuales son "The Demon", "Thunderbolt", "Dearth", "Knuckles", "Star Song", "Firepower", "New Waver", "Space Jam", "Zoom", "So Very Sad About Us", "Phang", "Speed Racer", "The Eternal E", "Hairy Eyeball", "The Groover", "Hell Bent for Hell", "Rachel", "A Dog's Prayer", "Blast", "The Black Rider", "Slurpee", "Flipper", "The Viper", "Bitch", "Fried", "Harmonia", "U.S.A.", "The Tracer", "Envelope Woman", "Plastic Guy", "Glasgow 3am", "The Road Is Long", "Funkified", "Rigamarole", "Depresso", "The Streets Are Hot Tonite", "Dawn At 16", "Spazmatazz", "Fucker", "In the Arms of Sheep", "Speed", "77", "Me Rock You Snow", "Feelium", "Is Alex Milton", "Rubberman", "Spacer", "Rock Me", "Weeping Willowly", "Rings", "So So Pretty", "Lucky Lad", "Jackboot", "Millieu", "Disconnected", "Let Your Lazer Love Light Shine Down", "Phreak", "Porkbelly", "Robot Lover", "Jimmy James", "America", "Slinkeepie", "Dummy Tum Tummy", "Fakir", "Jake", "Camaro", "Moonkids", "Make It Fungus", "V-8", "Die".
  • Tribute to Johnny es un homenage al guitarrista Johnny Winter
  • Marquis in Spades aparece también en el Judas 0

Tonight, Tonight

  1. Tonight, Tonight
  2. Meladori Magpie
  3. Rotten Apples
  4. Jupiter's Lament
  5. Medellia of the Gray Skies
  6. Blank
  7. Tonite Reprise



  1. Thirty-three
  2. The Last Song
  3. The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)
  4. Transformer
  5. The Bells
  6. My Blue Heaven


  • El padre de Billy Corgan tocó la guitarra durante la grabación de The Last Song.
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