Somatic Responses

Somatic Responses es el nombre del dúo de breakcore formado por los hermanos John y Paul Healy que viven en el País de Gales, Reino Unido.


  • Hellbound (Deadly Systems)
  • Post-Organic EP (Praxis)
  • Methods Of Mutulation (Cross Fade Enter Tainment)
  • Agent Orange 2 (Agent Orange)
  • Agent Orange 4 (Agent Orange)
  • Riot Frequencies (Shockwave Limited)
  • Axon (IST Records)
  • Dark LSD EP (Dark Matter Records)
  • Malignant Earth (Network23)
  • Sinister Movements (Six Sixty Six Limited)
  • Sub Space Distorters (Drop Bass Network)
  • Passages EP (Underground Futuristic Organisation)
  • Photon Emission (Uncivilized World)
  • Source of Disturbance EP (Future Galactic)
  • Survival EP (Six Shooter)
  • Eth V.2 (Six Shooter)
  • Ultra Annoying Vol. 2 (Ultra Annoying Records)
  • Beyond Freedom, Beyond Dignity (Black Monolith Records)
  • Circumflex (Hymen)
  • Progerik 7 (Progerik Records)
  • Revula (Hymen)
  • Ripped EP (Six Shooter)
  • The World Unseen EP (Six Shooter)
  • Vibrion Rec. 02 (Vibrion)
  • Augmented Lines (Hymen)
  • Grounded EP (Suburban Trash Industries)
  • Accidental Happiness (Component Records)
  • Researching Limits E.P. (Casse Tête)
  • Tlooz (Mirex)
  • Dying Language (Ad Noiseam)
  • Touching The Void (Hymen)
  • Adverts (Component Records)
  • Spooky Pen (Component Records)
  • Untitled (Zhark International)
  • Pounded Mass (Hymen)
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