Premio Nébula al mejor relato corto

El Premio Nebula al mejor relato corto (Nebula Award for Best Short Story) es un premio literario otorgado anualmente desde 1965 por la Asociación de escritores de ciencia ficción y fantasía de Estados Unidos (SFWA) a obras de ciencia ficción o de fantasía de menos de 7.500 palabras de extensión.[1]

En los 50 años de entrega del premio, 204 autores fueron nominados y 37 ganaron, incluyendo co-autores. Uno de estos, Lisa Tuttle, rechazó el premio.[3]Harlan Ellison ganó tres veces de las ocho que fue nominado, siendo así el autor con más premios y más nominaciones. Diez autores ganaron dos veces, y siguen a Ellison en cantidad de nominaciones Karen Joy Fowler (7) y Gardner Dozois (6). Michael Swanwick tiene el récord de mayor cantidad de nominaciones sin ganar, con 6.

Ganadores y nominados

En la siguiente tabla, el año corresponde al año en que los relatos fueron publicados, y no en que se realizó la ceremonia. Las obras marcadas en azul son las ganadoras.

Año Título Autor(es) Editorial o publicación Ref
1965 ¡Arrepiéntete, Arlequín!, dijo el señor Tic-tac Harlan Ellison Galaxy Science Fiction [4]
[Alrededor de 30 nominados] [4]
1966 The Secret Place Richard McKenna Orbit 1 [5]
Light of Other Days Bob Shaw Analog [5]
Man In His Time Brian W. Aldiss Who Can Replace a Man?
1967 Aye, and Gomorrah Samuel R. Delany Dangerous Visions [6]
Answering Service Fritz Leiber If [6]
Baby, You Were Great Kate Wilhelm Orbit 2
The Doctor Ted Thomas Orbit 2
Driftglass Samuel R. Delany If
Earthwoman Reginald Bretnor F&SF
1968 The Planners Kate Wilhelm Orbit 3 [7]
The Dance of the Changer and the Three Terry Carr The Farthest Reaches [7]
Idiot's Mate Robert Taylor Amazing Stories
Kyrie Poul Anderson The Farthest Reaches
Masks Damon Knight Playboy
Sword Game H. H. Hollis Galaxy
1969 Passengers Robert Silverberg Orbit 4 [8]
The Last Flight of Dr. Ain James Tiptree, Jr Galaxy [8]
The Man Who Learned Loving Theodore Sturgeon F&SF
Not Long Before the End Larry Niven F&SF
Shattered Like a Glass Goblin Harlan Ellison Orbit 4
1970 Sin premio
By the Falls Harry Harrison If [9]
A Cold Dark Night with Snow Kate Wilhelm Orbit 6
The Creation of Bennie Good James Sallis Orbit 6
A Dream at Noonday Gardner Dozois Orbit 7
Entire and Perfect Chrysolite R. A. Lafferty Orbit 6
In the Queue Keith Laumer Orbit 7
The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories Gene Wolfe Orbit 7
1971 Good News from the Vatican Robert Silverberg Universe 1 [10]
Heathen God George Zebrowski F&SF [10]
Horse of Air Gardner Dozois Orbit 8
The Last Ghost Stephen Goldin Protostars
1972 When It Changed Joanna Russ Again, Dangerous Visions [11]
Against the Lafayette Escadrille Gene Wolfe Again, Dangerous Visions [11]
And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side James Tiptree, Jr. F&SF
On the Downhill Side Harlan Ellison Universe 2
Shaffery Among the Immortals Frederik Pohl F&SF
When We Went to See the End of the World Robert Silverberg Universe 2
1973 Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death James Tiptree, Jr. The Alien Condition [12]
How I Lost the Second World War and Helped Turn Back the German Invasion Gene Wolfe Analog [12]
Shark Edward Bryant Orbit 12
A Thing of Beauty Norman Spinrad Analog
Wings Vonda N. McIntyre The Alien Condition
With Morning Comes Mistfall George R. R. Martin Analog
1974 The Day Before the Revolution Ursula K. Le Guin Galaxy [13]
After King Kong Fell Philip José Farmer Omega [13]
The Engine at Heartspring's Center Roger Zelazny Analog
1975 Catch That Zeppelin! Fritz Leiber F&SF [14]
Attachment Phyllis Eisenstein Amazing Stories [14]
Child of All Ages P. J. Plauger Analog
Doing Lennon Gregory Benford Analog
Find the Lady Nicholas Fisk New Dimensions 5
Growing Up in Edge City Frederik Pohl Epoch
Sail the Tide of Mourning Richard Lupoff New Dimensions 5
A Scraping at the Bones Algis Budrys Analog
Shatterday Harlan Ellison Gallery
Time Deer Craig Strete If
Utopía de un hombre que está cansado Jorge Luis Borges The New Yorker
White Creatures Gregory Benford New Dimensions 5
White Wolf Calling Charles L. Grant F&SF
1976 A Crowd of Shadows Charles L. Grant F&SF [15]
Back to the Stone Age Jake Saunders Lone Star Universe [15]
Breath's a Ware That Will Not Keep Thomas F. Monteleone Dystopian Visions
Mary Margaret Road-Grader Howard Waldrop Orbit 18
Stone Circle Lisa Tuttle Amazing Stories
Tricentennial Joe Haldeman Analog
1977 Jeffty Is Five Harlan Ellison F&SF [16]
Air Raid Herb Boehm Asimov's Science Fiction [16]
Camera Obscura Thomas F. Monteleone Cosmos #2
The Hibakusha Gallery Edward Bryant Penthouse
Tin Woodman Dennis R. Bailey y Dave Bischoff Amazing Stories
1978 Stone Edward Bryant F&SF [17]
Cassandra C. J. Cherryh F&SF [17]
A Quiet Revolution for Death Jack Dann New Dimensions 8
1979 giANTS Edward Bryant Analog [18]
The Extraordinary Voyages of Amélie Bertrand Joanna Russ F&SF [18]
Red as Blood Tanith Lee F&SF
Unaccompanied Sonata Orson Scott Card Omni
Vernalfest Morning Michael Bishop Chrysalis
La cruz y el dragón George R. R. Martin Omni
1980 Grotto of the Dancing Deer Clifford D. Simak Analog [19]
Secrets of the Heart Charles L. Grant F&SF [19]
A Sunday Visit with Great-Grandfather Craig Strete New Dimensions 11
War Beneath the Tree Gene Wolfe Omni
Window Bob Leman F&SF
1981 The Bone Flute (rechazado) Lisa Tuttle F&SF [20]
Disciples Gardner Dozois Penthouse [20]
Going Under Jack Dann Omni
Johnny Mnemonic William Gibson Omni
The Pusher John Varley F&SF
The Quiet George Florance-Guthridge F&SF
Venice Drowned Kim Stanley Robinson Universe 11
Zeke Timothy R. Sullivan Twilight Zone
1982 A Letter from the Clearys Connie Willis Asimov's Science Fiction [21]
Corridors Barry N. Malzberg The Engines of the Night [21]
God's Hooks! Howard Waldrop Universe 12
High Steel Jack C. Haldeman II y Jack Dann F&SF
Petra Greg Bear Omni
The Pope of the Chimps Robert Silverberg Perpetual Light
1983 The Peacemaker Gardner Dozois Asimov's Science Fiction [22]
Cryptic Jack McDevitt Asimov's Science Fiction [22]
The Geometry of Narrative Hilbert Schenck Analog
Ghost Town Chad Oliver Analog
Her Furry Face Leigh Kennedy Asimov's Science Fiction
Wong's Lost and Found Emporium William F. Wu Amazing Stories
1984 Morning Child Gardner Dozois Omni [23]
The Aliens Who Knew, I Mean, Everything George Alec Effinger F&SF [23]
A Cabin on the Coast Gene Wolfe F&SF
The Eichmann Variations George Zebrowski Light Years and Dark
Salvador Lucius Shepard F&SF
Sunken Gardens Bruce Sterling Omni
1985 Out of All Them Bright Stars Nancy Kress F&SF [24]
Flying Saucer Rock & Roll Howard Waldrop Omni [24]
The Gods of Mars Gardner Dozois, Jack Dann y Michael Swanwick Omni
Heirs of the Perisphere Howard Waldrop Playboy
Hong's Bluff William F. Wu Omni
More Than the Sum of His Parts Joe Haldeman Playboy
Paper Dragons James P. Blaylock Imaginary Lands
Snow John Crowley Omni
1986 Tangents Greg Bear Omni [25]
The Boy Who Plaited Manes Nancy Springer F&SF [25]
The Lions Are Asleep This Night Howard Waldrop Omni
Pretty Boy Crossover Pat Cadigan Asimov's Science Fiction
Rat James Patrick Kelly F&SF
Robot Dreams Isaac Asimov Asimov's Science Fiction
1987 Forever Yours, Anna Kate Wilhelm Omni [26]
Angel Pat Cadigan Asimov's Science Fiction [26]
Cassandra's Photographs Lisa Goldstein
The Faithful Companion at Forty Karen Joy Fowler
Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers Lawrence Watt-Evans
Kid Charlemagne Paul Di Filippo Amazing Stories
Temple to a Minor Goddess Susan Shwartz
1988 Bible Stories for Adults, No. 17: The Deluge James Morrow Full Spectrum [27]
The Color Winter Steven Popkes Asimov's Science Fiction [27]
Mrs. Shummel Exits a Winner John Kessel
Dead Men on TV Pat Murphy Full Spectrum
The Fort Moxie Branch Jack McDevitt
Voices of the Kill Thomas M. Disch
1989 Ripples in the Dirac Sea Geoffrey A. Landis Asimov's Science Fiction [28]
The Adinkra Cloth Mary C. Aldridge Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine [28]
Boobs Suzy McKee Charnas Asimov's Science Fiction
Dori Bangs Bruce Sterling
Lost Boys Orson Scott Card F&sF
The Ommatidium Miniatures Michael Bishop The Microverse
1990 Bears Discover Fire Terry Bisson Asimov's Science Fiction [29]
Before I Wake Kim Stanley Robinson Interzone / Asimov's Science Fiction [29]
Lieserl Karen Joy Fowler Asimov's Science Fiction
Love and Sex Among the Invertebrates Pat Murphy Alien Sex
The Power and the Passion Pat Cadigan Patterns / Omni
Story Child Kristine Kathryn Rusch Aboriginal SF
1991 Ma Qui Alan Brennert F&sF [30]
Buffalo John Kessel F&sF [30]
The Dark Karen Joy Fowler
the button, and what you know W. Gregory Stewart Amazing Stories
Dog's Life Martha Soukup
They're Made Out of Meat Terry Bisson Omni
1992 Even the Queen Connie Willis Asimov's Science Fiction [31]
The Arbitrary Placement of Walls Martha Soukup Asimov's Science Fiction [31]
The Mountain to Mohammed Nancy Kress
Vinland the Dream Kim Stanley Robinson
Lennon Spex Paul Di Filippo Amazing Stories
Life Regarded as a Jigsaw Puzzle of Highly Lustrous Cats Michael Bishop Imni
1993 Graves Joe Haldeman F&SF [32]
Alfred Lisa Goldstein Asimov's Science Fiction [32]
All Vows" Esther M. Friesner
The Beggar in the Living Room William John Watkins
The Good Pup Bridget McKenna F&SF
The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore Harlan Ellison Omni
1994 A Defense of the Social Contracts Martha Soukup Science Fiction Age [33]
I Know What You're Thinking Kate Wilhelm Asimov's Science Fiction [33]
None So Blind Joe Haldeman
Inspiration Ben Bova F&SF
Virtual Love Maureen F. McHugh
Understanding Entropy Barry N. Malzberg Science Fiction Age
1995 Death and the Librarian Esther M. Friesner Asimov's Science Fiction [34]
Alien Jane Kelley Eskridge Century #1 [34]
Grass Dancer Owl Goingback Excalibur
The Kingdom of Cats and Birds Geoffrey A. Landis Science Fiction Age
The Lincoln Train" Maureen F. McHugh F&SF
Short Timer Dave Smeds
The Narcissus Plague Lisa Goldstein Asimov's Science Fiction
1996 A Birthday Esther M. Friesner F&SF [35]
Five Fucks Jonathan Lethem The Wall of the Sky, The Wall of the Eye [35]
In the Pound, Near Breaktime Kent Brewster Tomorrow Speculative Fiction
In the Shade of the Slowboat Man Dean Wesley Smith F&SF
The String Kathleen Ann Goonan
These Shoes Strangers Have Died Of Bruce Holland Rogers Enchanted Forests
1997 Sister Emily's Lightship Jane Yolen Starlight 1 [36]
Burning Bright K. D. Wentworth Aboriginal SF [36]
The Crab Lice Gregory Feeley Alternate Tyrants
The Dead Michael Swanwick Starlight 1
The Elizabeth Complex Karen Joy Fowler Crank! #6
Itsy Bitsy Spider James Patrick Kelly Asimov's Science Fiction
1998 Thirteen Ways to Water Bruce Holland Rogers Black Cats and Broken Mirrors [37]
Fortune and Misfortune Lisa Goldstein Asimov's Science Fiction [37]
Standing Room Only Karen Joy Fowler
Winter Fire" Geoffrey A. Landis
Tall One" K. D. Wentworth F&SF
When the Bow Breaks Steven Brust The Essential Bordertown
1999 The Cost of Doing Business Leslie What Amazing Stories [38]
Ancient Engines Michael Swanwick Asimov's Science Fiction [38]
Radiant Doors
Basil the Dog Frances Sherwood Atlantic Monthly
The Dead Boy at Your Window Bruce Holland Rogers North American Review
Flower Kiss Constance Ash Realms of Fantasy
2000 macs Terry Bisson F&SF [39]
The Fantasy Writer's Assistant" Jeffrey Ford F&SF [39]
Flying Over Water Ellen Klages Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet #7
The Golem Severna Park Black Heart, Ivory Bones
Scherzo with Tyrannosaur Michael Swanwick Asimov's Science Fiction
You Wandered Off Like a Foolish Child To Break Your Heart and Mine Pat York Silver Birch, Blood Moon
2001 The Cure for Everything" Severna Park Sci Fiction [40]
The Elephants on Neptune Mike Resnick Asimov's Science Fiction [40]
Kaddish for the Last Survivor Michael A. Burstein Analog
Wound the Wind George Zebrowski
Mom and Dad at the Home Front Sherwood Smith Realms of Fantasy
2002 Creature Carol Emshwiller F&SF [41]
Creation Jeffrey Ford F&SF [41]
Cut Megan Lindholm Asimov's Science Fiction
The Dog Said Bow-Wow Michael Swanwick
Little Gods Tim Pratt Strange Horizons
Nothing Ever Happens in Rock City Jack McDevitt Artemis #5
2003 What I Didn't See Karen Joy Fowler Sci Fiction [42]
The Brief History of the Dead Kevin Brockmeier The New Yorker [42]
Goodbye to All That Harlan Ellison McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales
Grandma Carol Emshwiller F&SF
Knapsack Poems Eleanor Arnason Asimov's Science Fiction
Lambing Season Molly Gloss
The Last of the O-Forms James Van Pelt
2004 Coming to Terms Eileen Gunn Stable Strategies and Others [43]
Aloha Ken Wharton Analog [43]
The Strange Redemption of Sister Mary Ann Mike Mosco
Embracing-the-New Benjamin Rosenbaum Asimov's Science Fiction
Travels with My Cats Mike Resnick
In the Late December Greg van Eekhout Strange Horizons
2005 I Live With You Carol Emshwiller F&SF [44]
Born-Again K. D. Wentworth F&SF [44]
The End of the World As We Know It Dale Bailey
My Mother, Dancing Nancy Kress Asimov's Science Fiction
Singing My Sister Down Margo Lanagan Black Juice
Still Life With Boobs Anne Harris Talebones
There's a Hole in the City Richard Bowes Sci Fiction
2006 Echo Elizabeth Hand F&SF [45]
An End to All Things Karina Sumner-Smith Children of Magic [45]
Helen Remembers the Stork Club Esther M. Friesner F&SF
The Woman in Schrödinger's Wave Equations Eugene Mirabelli
Henry James, This One's for You Jack McDevitt Subterranean #2
Pip and the Fairies Theodora Goss Strange Horizons
2007 Always Karen Joy Fowler Asimov's Science Fiction [46]
Captive Girl Jennifer Pelland Helix #2 [46]
Pride Mary Turzillo Fast Forward 1
The Story of Love Vera Nazarian Salt of the Air
Titanium Mike Saves the Day David D. Levine F&SF
Unique Chicken Goes In Reverse Andy Duncan Eclipse One
2008 Trophy Wives Nina Kiriki Hoffman Fellowship Fantastic [47]
26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss Kij Johnson Asimov's Science Fiction [47]
Don't Stop James Patrick Kelly
The Button Bin Mike Allen Helix
The Dreaming Wind Jeffrey Ford The Coyote Road: Trickster Tales
Mars: A Traveler's Guide Ruth Nestvold F&SF
The Tomb Wife Gwyneth Jones
2009 Spar Kij Johnson Clarkesworld Magazine [48]
Bridesicle Will McIntosh Asimov's Science Fiction [48]
Going Deep James Patrick Kelly
Hooves and the Hovel of Abdel Jameela Saladin Ahmed Clockwork Phoenix 2
I Remember the Future Michael A. Burstein I Remember the Future
Non-Zero Probabilities N. K. Jemisin Clarkesworld Magazine
2010 Ponies Kij Johnson [49]
How Interesting: A Tiny Man Harlan Ellison Realms of Fantasy
Arvies Adam-Troy Castro Lightspeed [50]
I'm Alive, I Love You, I'll See You in Reno Vylar Kaftan
Conditional Love Felicity Shoulders Asimov's Science Fiction
Ghosts of New York Jennifer Pelland Dark Faith
The Green Book Amal El-Mohtar Apex
2011 The Paper Menagerie Ken Liu F&SF [51]
Her Husband’s Hands Adam-Troy Castro Lightspeed [51]
Mama, We are Zhenya, Your Son Tom Crosshill
Movement Nancy Fulda Asimov's Science Fiction
Shipbirth Aliette de Bodard
The Axiom of Choice David W. Goldman New Haven Review
The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees E. Lily Yu Clarkesworld Magazine
2012 Immersion Aliette de Bodard Clarkesworld [52]
Robot Helena Bell Clarkesworld [52]
Fragmentation, or Ten Thousand Goodbyes Tom Crosshill
Nanny’s Day Leah Cypess Asimov's Science Fiction
Give Her Honey When You Hear Her Scream Maria Dahvana Headley Lightspeed
The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species Ken Li
Five Ways to Fall in Love on Planet Porcelain Cat Rambo Near + Far
2013 If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love Rachel Swirsky Apex [53]
The Sounds of Old Earth Matthew Kressel Lightspeed [53]
Alive, Alive Oh Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
Selkie Stories Are for Losers Sofia Samatar Strange Horizons
Selected Program Notes from the Retrospective Exhibition of Theresa Rosenberg Latimer Kenneth Schneyer Clockwork Phoenix 4
2014 Jackalope Wives Ursula Vernon Apex [54]
The Breath of War Aliette de Bodard Beneath Ceaseless Skies [54]
When It Ends, He Catches Her Eugie Foster Daily Science Fiction
The Meeker and the All-Seeing Eye Matthew Kressel Clarkesworld
The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani Family Usman T. Malik Qualia Nous
A Stretch of Highway Two Lanes Wide Sarah Pinsker F&SF
The Fisher Queen Alyssa Wong
2015 Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers Alyssa Wong Nightmare [56]
Cat Pictures Please Naomi Kritzer Clarkesworld [56]
Today I Am Paul Martin L. Shoemaker
When Your Child Strays from God Sam J. Miller
Damage David D. Levine
Madeleine Amal El-Mohtar Lightspeed
2016 Seasons of Glass and Iron Amal El-Mohtar The Starlit Wood [57]
Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies Brooke Bolander Uncanny Magazine [57]
Sabbath Wine Barbara Krasnoff Clockwork Phoenix 5
Things With Beards Sam J. Miller Clarkesworld
This Is Not a Wardrobe Door A. Merc Rustad Fireside Magazine
A Fist of Permutations in Lightning and Wildflowers Alyssa Wong
Welcome to the Medical Clinic at the Interplanetary Relay Station / Hours Since the Last Patient Death: 0 Caroline M. Yoachim Lightspeed